Most Important Ingredient for Success?

Alright readers I only have one question for you today…

In my other posts we have been talking about many ways to achieve your dreams, but I would like to know what you feel is the most important ingredient in the recipe for success?

There can be many answers and before I share with you what I think it is in my next post, I would love to know your thoughts so please comment below so we can all learn from each other.

Recipe for success



6 Ways to Overcome Obstacles with Abundance

What Now?

I had finally determined that I was going to go “all in” with my business and work it as much as I could at night after work. I had confident thoughts to defend me against my inner dream stealer, I was ready to work, and was excited to finally achieve my dreams. I pulled out my phone to get to work on contacting people about my business and it hit! It wasn’t the fear of picking up the phone, or even of rejection, it was the realization that I am running out of people to talk to. As I scrolled through my contacts I was amazed at how many people I had already reached out to and I quickly became paralyzed with fear. How can you build a networking business if you don’t have anyone to network with? I don’t have anyone left to share my business with. What now?


Scarcity Mentality

This terrible mindset is called the scarcity mentality and it creeps up on us before we even know it and steals away our dreams. This mentality is all about the lack of resources we perceive to have, therefore it severely limits our ability to overcome road blocks. We think that there is only so much to go around in this world and that we have to grab what success we can before other people Act Now, Time is running out!steal it from us or limit our chance. It changes our version of reality to be very finite, which is usually negative or limiting in scope. Most of us don’t want to have a scarcity mentality but our society has groomed us to be this way. Think about the last time you were sold something, it most likely involved a “last minute” sale or an “act now and you can get…”, or “time is running out”.


As Wikihow puts it:

“This (the scarcity mentality) is, of course, useful for Marketing and Advertisers because if people believe that there is a lack, then you can get them to buy stuff; thus, the economy and society can continue to thrive and prosper by reinforcing a scarcity mentality in people.”

So great for selling a product but terrible for those reaching for their dreams since this mentality leads to doubt. Doubt keeps us from taking action and when we don’t take action we don’t earn our dreams (which is exactly what our Inner Dream Stealer wants). This is a dangerous mindset to have because it keeps us close minded to opportunities and unavailable to resources we do have. This can also add more stress to our life (which no one needs).


Abundance Mentality

I am learning to let go of my scarcity mentality and replace it with an abundance mentality. This means that instead of looking at my short list of people I know, I look for ways to expand my network. The abundance mentality means that YOU have control of your destiny and don’t just leave it up to circumstance. If you have a lack of network, knowledge, experience, or anything, YOU have the ability to figure out a way to solve your own problem instead of waiting for the universe to hand it to you. This keeps you open to any and all opportunities that may be around you. I love how Leslie Householder (author of the Jack Rabbit Factor, which changed my life) puts it, in that you already have all of the answers you need, you simply have to tune into them as a receiver tunes into a radio station’s frequency.


Gaining the Abundance Mentality

So how do you learn to tune into this abundance frequency? Below are some tips I have found to be very helpful in keeping out of the dark pit of the scarcity mindset.

  1. List Current Resources

Make a list of the resources you do have and how they can help you. Such as, access to a search engine on the internet, friends, books or audios, groups, etc. Making this list will help your mind to see all that you do have, because remember what you focus on expands. If you focus on your perceived lack of resources, that thought will consume you and keep you close minded. If you focus on how many resources you already have, you will find what you need and train your mind to realize that you already have what you need.

What You Focus on Expands

  1. Examine Previous Solutions

This is a great reason to keep a journal even if it is just to write down how you have fixed problems in the past. You may not realize that you have a specific skill that helped you, a certain friend that gave you insight, or a get together or meeting that inspired you. Examine the solution that worked then and see if it would be a good fit for your current situation. If it will, then work to recreate that solution again.

  1. Ask Others

Ask others what they did who may have experienced this same issue you have. Join online or in-person groups, network with people in your area, contact someone in your line of business, or even do a search on the internet to find how to best network locally. I find that one of the best ways to increase in life is to talk to people because you never know who can help you or who you can help.

  1. Examine the Successful’s Resources

You’ve heard of the phrase, “If you want what others have, do what others have done” so look at what led them to success. There are great books out there written by very successful people who tell their story of how they did it. As you think of these successful people you may have the thought that you don’t have the resources they did this is just your Inner Dream Stealer shoving the scarcity mindset at you, but just keeping asking yourself how you can gain those resources. If your role model just happen to know the right person, getting to know more people can increase your chances of finding the right person. Where would this person shop, what kinds of groups would this person be a part of, etc.? Then go find that person by going to those places.

  1. Replace “I Can’t” with “How Can I”

Replace the words and thoughts of:  “I can’t”, “It’s not possible”, “I’ll never”, “I don’t know”, etc. with “How can I?”. This will put you in a better frame of mind to find the solutions you are seeking. I love how Psychology Today states, “I can’t isn’t a choice; it’s a restriction, it’s being imposed upon you. Thinking “I can’t” undermines your sense of power and personal agency.” So be sure you are taking back control and open your mind with getting in the habit of saying “How can I?”.


  1. Act in Faith

Even if you still don’t believe that you have what you need or if you don’t know where the answer is going to come from, just act on what you do have and have faith that the answers will come. Live your life productively and do all you can do. Have faith that the universe will help you because YOU are helping yourself. Sometimes you need to take a step in the dark before a light is turned on.


Keep Searching, Keep Acting, and Keep Believing

It is so easy to focus on what you feel you don’t have and be completely oblivious to all of your resources, but always be searching and praying for the answers and they will come. I know they did for me. I had no idea how many groups there are to join in my area for networking and I know that this will help me to gain more people who are looking for what I have to offer them. After all there are over 7 billion people in the world; I literally will never run out, if I keep trying to meet them. Honestly with the day and age we live in we have everything we need at our fingertips we just need to look and have faith that we will find it.

So the next time you have any of these types of thoughts such as, “I’ll never be able to learn that”, “I don’t know where to go”, “I just don’t have what I need”, “I don’t even know where to start”, etc. Immediately replace it with, “I’m going to find out…” and use the resources you do have. Get on your knees and ask for help because I know this to be true:

Ask and it shall be given you

Change Your Thoughts… Change Your Life – Part 2

This is part two of our guest writer Tony Child you can read more about Tony and Part 1 of this 2 part series by clicking here.

We are happy to have his wisdom and instruction, so please enjoy…


Change Your Thoughts… Change Your Life – Part 2 – by Tony Child

Tony Child Pic

Thoughts and Imagination

Welcome back! I hope my last post caused you to pause and think about your life and the direction you’re headed. If it did, you’re one of the select few who are willing to determine where they want to take their life. Most of the general population reacts to life instead of determining the direction they wish to take their life. I’m positive that with a few small changes, you can begin to change your thinking and, thus, change your life!

In his book Leadership, Sterling W. Sill stated the following:

“Some of the most serious obstacles to success are the imaginary hazards which never exist, except in our own minds. We fight the ghosts of doubt, the ghosts of unbelief, the ghosts of failure and fear. We are afraid of what someone will think, or afraid that someone doesn’t like us… We create a thousand hazards that exist only in our imagination.”

Sterling W Sill - Obstacles to Success

If this resonates with you, don’t worry because I’m sure you’re not alone. In fact, because we are human, our natural tendency is to look to the negative and use our imagination against ourselves. We imagine everything we don’t want and then wonder why we can’t get out of the “ruts” we’re in. When we can begin to control our thoughts and use our imaginations for the positive life we want, we can begin to control our circumstances.

Create the Life You Want

The following are a few tips I’ve learned over the past two years to begin creating the life you want:

  1. Words

Be very careful with the words you listen to, speak, repeat, text, write, etc. Words have great power and will create your thought patterns. Thoughts are normally born from words and both theology and psychology teaches us that “we become what we think about.”

Be careful of the words you surround yourself with (especially the ones you’re telling yourself). Create a positive affirmation statement you can read on a daily basis that focuses on the life you want, not on the one you’ve had. Focus all of your energy on what you want and don’t give any ounce of energy to what you don’t want.

  1. Relationships

It’s been said that we become a composite of the top 5 people with whom we associate. If you want to be different, find people in your life who are already living on the level you want to live on. If you want to be a positive person but consistently associate with pessimistic, cynical, and negative people, it will be very difficult to change. Spend some time thinking about the top 5 people in your life. Are they the type of people you want to become? If not, as difficult as it may be, it may be time to make some changes regarding some of these relationships.

Happy Friends

  1. Comparing

One of the greatest dream killers is comparing ourselves to others who are doing what we want to do. We automatically jump to the conclusion that we need to be like so-and-so to be successful. We tell ourselves that it would be best if Lucy presented to the group because she’s a better presenter than I am or if Michael were to take that project because he’s much more creative.

I promise that the world needs YOU. It needs all of the gifts and talents you possess. There is only ONE you and the world is in need of you. Don’t measure someone else’s best self against your starting point. You will go nowhere but down with that measurement. Take one step every day to being a better you.

I heard the following statement through a great mentor of mine to repeat every day:

“Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.”

Repeat this every day, fifty times a day, and I promise you’ll begin to see the amazing potential you bring to the workplace. The world is in need of YOU.

  1. Knowing HOW

The other dream killer is needing to know HOW to accomplish what you dream about. You don’t need to know how. The fun is in figuring out how. When we get stuck on needing to know how, we put a lid on our dreams and cap our capacity. We eventually give up because we begin to think we don’t have the ability to do it. You have the ability and when you take small steps every day in the direction of your dream, the HOW starts to manifest itself. Based on the infinite potential locked up inside each of us, nothing is impossible!

Most people wait until they know how to do something before they get started. They don’t want to risk the embarrassment of possibly failing and having others say “I told you so.” Let me go back to bullet point 3… DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS. Live the life you want and stop worrying about what others might think. Get really clear about the life you want to live and take at least one step every day in that direction. For me, I take steps every day. Big or small, I take a step. Do something every day that will move you closer to your goal and before you know it, you’ll be living the life of your dreams.

  1. Coaching

Super bowl winner Peyton Manning said that if you want to win, “invest in a coach.” He went onto say “It doesn’t matter how seasoned any of us are, we all need a coach. As soon as someone stops [being] coached, they’re in big trouble.” The hardest things to see in life are your own flaws and bad habits. Investing in a coach was the best decision I made. I have someone pushing me every week and holding me accountable to my intentions. Because of a coach, my best intentions turn into best actions. Action is what counts. Invest in a coach to push you and hold you accountable to the future you want.

New Future

I am positive that with the implementation of a few of these tips you will begin to see a new future. I look back to my day in the arm-chair two years ago and can’t believe the turns my life has taken for the better. I am doing what I love every day and couldn’t be more fulfilled. Every day in every way life is truly getting better and better.

What do you want to do, be, or have? What are you willing to give up in order to have the life you want? When will you start? Don’t delay. Start today! Remember, “our achievements today are but the sum total of our thoughts of yesterday.”

Change your thoughts and you will begin to change your life!



Change Your Thoughts… Change Your Life – Part 1

Meet Our Guest

Since we have been on the topic of emotions and thoughts I would like to bring in a guest writer who is an expert in this field. Tony Child

I have started taking his course called; “Power of Positivity” and what he teaches is truly life changing in helping to gain power of your thoughts. I have known Tony for over 5 years and he is an amazing person. Tony is certified with the John Maxwell team, the Proctor Gallagher Institute, and Personality Insights Inc. We are happy to have him as our guest blogger for the next two posts and he will be sharing with us how your thoughts truly can determine our future and how to be sure they are empowering us on our journey to success. I know that applying what he teaches will bring us closer to our goals and ultimately the person we would like to become.


Change Your Thoughts… Change Your Life – Part 1 – by Tony Child

Questions that Changed My Life

Tony Child PicTwo years ago, I sat in my big arm-chair and picked a book for some casual reading not realizing my life was about to change. Someone recommended that I pick up John C. Maxwell’s new book 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. I began to read and couldn’t put the book down. It was as if John was speaking directly to me. In the second chapter of the book (the law of awareness), he engages the reader in a series of questions that cause quite a bit of reflection. Some of these questions were as follows: “Do you like what you’re doing now?” “What would you like to do?” “Do you know why you want to do what you would like to do?” “Do you know what to do so you can do what you want to do?”

Each of these questions caused me to ponder the life I was leading and if I was truly happy. Was I doing what I was meant to do? The more I read, the more I realized I was settling for far less than my true potential. My inner desires were starting to manifest themselves and those seeds of wanting more from life were starting to take root. I then came to the last two questions and the major decisions I had to make in my life. These questions were “Will you pay the price to do what you want to do?” and “When can you start doing what you’d like to do?”

Tony's Questions

I had to really reflect on these questions. In fact, I couldn’t think of much anything else for several days. I kept asking myself if the life I was living was one I really wanted. Did I really choose my life or was I victim of my circumstances?


Thoughts and Circumstances

“Our achievements today are but the sum total of our thoughts of yesterday. Whatever price we set upon ourselves, life will give it to us. If we visualize and emphasize our worries, our fears, and our negative attitudes, we live with and become saturated by them. We make them real by our practice of failure. If we control our thoughts, we can control our circumstances.”

Stirling W. Sill wrote this in his book Laws of Success more than four decades ago and it’s just as true today as it was back in 1974. If there is a result you’re getting in your life, you can be rest assured it has to do with the habitual thoughts you’ve engaged in. I’m not talking about your conscious thoughts of what to eat for dinner or where to go on vacation. I’m speaking of the deep-rooted thoughts that are so engrained that we don’t consciously think about them anymore, but yet they control our lives.

Too many allow their circumstances to control what they think about. As long as this happens, our achievements will go no higher than the circumstances we’ve allowed ourselves to settle into. That afternoon two years ago, my soul awakened from a deep sleep and I began to take action towards the future I wanted. If I can do it, you can too!


What Do You Want?

What do you want to be, do, or have?

The first step towards your future is realizing you can do more, much more! You have so much potential locked up inside of you but has been buried under years and years of virus code. The key to success has been locked up all along and it’s time to unlock the future you.

The late Earl Nightingale shared that  “most people tip-toe through life, hoping to make it safely to death.”

earl-nightingale tip toe quote - better qty

They take no risks and, therefore, their rewards are very minimal. Are you tip-toeing through life or are you taking big, bold steps into your future? The only person who is stopping you from having the future you want is YOU. Changing your life and going after the future you desire is within your grasp. Join me next week where I share 5 tips to changing thoughts that have been holding you back.